Project Description

Mosaic’s innovative and turn-key Entertainment Risk Mitigation Platform (“ERMP”) is designed to offset the “traditional risks” that have long plagued the entertainment industry by coupling major film and entertainment productions with with Mosaic’s risk mitigated real estate offerings. The ERMP demonstrates an ability to internalize almost every aspect of the service side of the entertainment industry, and eliminate risk on nearly all of the capital required, to successfully produce and market motion pictures and other major market entertainment ventures across the United States and abroad.

Commercial Modular Distribution and Construction

Beyond project finance, Mosaic Capital Group offers a unique combination of services to enable the successful implementation of Commercial Modular Construction and Development. Through our internal and external turn-key capabilities and methods, we increase profitability and ensure sustainability for our clients who build with our commercial modular applications. The Mosaic Team provides comprehensive and responsive services to produce the following results for our clients:

  • Optimum project financing strategies to ensure timely and adequate capital funding
  • Reliable comprehensive modular design and cost projections to enable project success
  • Proven systems for value engineering and cost-schedule-quality control
  • Best value capital asset results through long-range development strategies
  • Coordination of internal A&E and GC teaming relationships for construction completion

Other Capital Innovations

Innovation is at the core of Mosaic Capital Group. Its principals have been directly involved in the creation and implementation of several proprietary financial models and business concepts designed to be deployed across several platforms. These innovations include risk mitigation models created for the deployment of low income housing tax credit development, non-profit school and redevelopment, rated and nonrated bond funding and development initiatives, private municipal funding, private military funding, motion picture and entertainment funding and production initiatives. At the heart of each innovation lies an intersection of creative vision applied to the capital markets – and a tangible expression of Mosaic’s “all will win” philosophy.